Course Details

Here are some topics covered in Ankur preschool set up.
Significance of preschool education
How to develop vision?
How to develop mission?

Site Selection
Market Research(Survey form included)
Budget Planning(excel sheet included)

Naming the preschool
Ideal time to start a pre-school & timelines
Logo, Creatives, Website samples.

Necessary Forms to Start a Preschool (50+ downloadable forms, templates and notes included)

Format For Stock Register, Fees Structure,Admission Equiry Register, Rules for School, Format for Account Maintenance, Phone Follow Up Register , Admission Form, Enquiry Form, Sample * Banner etc.,

Manpower Management
Preferable Teacher Qualification
Job Description Co-ordinator
Teachers’ Duties and Resposibilities
Initial Interview Format
Written Test Format For Teachers
Coordinator or Teacher Recruitment Questionnaire
Offer Letter etc.,

School Tour
School entrance and front office
Classroom arrangements and Door Decoration
Activity Room, Ceiling Decoration and Ball pool
Classrooms in First Floor
Splash Pool
Sand Pit
Learning Ares Tour
Classroom Set Up Guidelines
Sample Paintings
Learning Areas Manual
Schedules and Celebrations

Online Promotion of Preschool

Teacher Training
List of material along with pictures & utility

Preschool Curriculum Overview
Lesson Plan Format
Home School Relationship
Parent Orientation Program
Parent Teacher Meeting

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